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The production start with the preparation of latex mix by mixing the latex and water according to the strict specifications before it is transferred into the dipping tanks. The dipping line consists of a continuous chain with 2 rows of glass formers. The process starts with the cleaning of condoms formers.


Several chemicals are milled to archive specified particle sizes. Afterwards, these chemicals are mixed with latex, water, and soap for a period of 24 hours. When the mixing is finished, the compound is filled into special tanks for maturing. The maturing is carried out at a specified temperature for 10 days. After that time, the compound is ready for dipping.

After Evlacanization

Each of the condoms is tested for small holes at the voltage of about 2.000 V. For that purpose, the condom is pulled over a metal mandrel moving in such a way as to get into contact with a conductive rubber. An intact condom is an isolator; in this case, no electrical current will be measured.


To avoid that the condoms stick together, they are powdered in industrial washing machines. After the powdering, the condoms are spin-dried and tumble-dried at 110° C to remove all the water and humidity as well as to continue the vulcanization.